01 Mar 2017

Computational Aspects of Blockchain Technology: Finance

3 marca 2017r. (piątek) o godzinie 14:00 w Centrum Technologii ICM UW, ul. Kupiecka 32 (Białołęka) odbędzie się wykład dr Pawła Lachowicz pt. „Computational Aspects of Blockchain Technology: Finance

Wszystkich zainteresowanych serdecznie zapraszamy i prosimy o przybycie 15 minut przed rozpoczęciem wykładu. Poniżej zamieszczamy opis wykładu oraz kilka informacji na temat wykładowcy.




Imagine the technology that is already in place though under continuous development. Not too many people understand it fully as it’s based on complex maths. It has been already labelled as a „disruptive technology” that creates completely new opportunities but may cause many businesses we know today to be ceased because of it. Welcome to the world of blockchain technology! In the seminar, we will familiarize ourselves with the idea of peer-to-peer network protocols leading to the information exchange secured by cryptography, distributed in the blockchain ledger. Next, using the example of bitcoin (cryptocurrency), we will dive into a new arena of possible applications with a particular emphasis on everyday finance. We will discuss a spectrum of entirely new blockchain applications and the quantitative methods used in data analysis and modelling.



Pawel Lachowicz received his PhD degree in astrophysics from Polish Academy of Sciences in 2007. After the post-doc research is signal processing at National University of Singapore in 2007-2010, he has been working in the financial industry since then specializing mainly in financial risk management and algorithmic trading. Pawel is a founder of QuantAtRisk.com portal dedicated to computational aspects of quantitative finance and an author of three books on application of Matlab and Python for finance and data analysis. The new one, on Blockchain for Finance, is coming out this year. Currently, he works as a Senior Risk Quant in the Bank Of New York Mellon in Wroclaw, Poland.